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no Betty allowed

ontd + lesbians = no peen
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Anybody , Moderated
ontd for lesbians, lesbian content, socializing, and people who don't want to see peen


hey girl hey, welcome to ontd_lesbians. this is obv a community for dykes and the dyke-friendly who read ontd. expect posts related to lesbian/bi/gay/hot things. don't like it? please feel free to gfto.

things we like: gay bars, pretty girls, ontd, long walks on the beach

things we don't: peen.

yeah yeah yeah yeah

01. you must like when girls kiss girls (~late at night~, and also early in the morning, the afternoon and mid-day as well)

02. don't harass the other lesbos, pls

03. if it is naked, tldr;, or gigantic - cut that shit bb. prontoooo.

04. please make sure your posts are somewhat dyke-related and not a million years old

05. do not delete your posts. do not delete your comments, even if you make a huge mistake and fuck up the html. take ownership of your keyboard. editing comments is okay.

06. individual introduction posts are now encouraged. If you don't want to make one, we occasionally will have a "get to know each other" post. check the tags. it'll be there.

07. oh yeah, no peen allowed.

Membership is now moderated. All new journals with no entries or comments will be REJECTED. Sorry, just trying to prevent any trolling. If you've switched journals or think was in the wrong I rejected you, feel free to PM the maintainer: mon_deluge
communities we are affiliated with:
dyke_riot & celeb_birls