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An excuse to talk about the L word

Interview with Mia Kirshner

by , Senior Writer
August 20, 2009

Who killed Jenny Schecter? A mere five months ago, that was the burning question on lesbian lips in living rooms and local bars from Los Angeles to Little Falls, New Jersey.

Mia Kirshner (Miss Conception, The Black Dahlia, 24) — the astonishing actor who played Jenny, and managed to find the humanity in a character known for uttering, "Adele, the appliqué on the back of your jeans was declared an abomination by the Geneva Convention," and other psychotic bon mots — is in fact a thoughtful woman who'd rather spend time with her friends than bask in the spotlight of Hollywood.

After a record six years as Showtime's longest running original series, The L Word finally ended in March, putting our love-to-hate relationship with Jenny Schecter to rest, not to mention relieving us of those annoying alliterations.

What many people don't know is, all that time, Mia was also focused on humanitarian issues, and in October, 2008, she published her first book, I Live Here, a collection of "visually stunning" narratives told through journals, stories and images, by refugees and displaced people from around the world.

The normally press-shy actress talked to AfterEllen.com and opened up about working on The L Word, her reaction when she found out Jenny was dead, and furthering her efforts for I Live Here with an upcoming fundraiser that will include L Word cast members Jennifer Beals, Laurel Holloman and Rose Rollins.

Rest of the interview (which is fucking long) is at the Source

The last episode season of the L word was trash, y/n? Regardless, I dearly miss it and South of Nowhere was a huge fucking let down. I was really into it in the beginning, but then when they pushed back the final season...I just lost interest. Any good lesbian TV anyone can recommend? I have Verizon FIOS at my disposal.

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