♪ Nø®a ♪ (mon_deluge) wrote in ontd_lesbians,
♪ Nø®a ♪

Slight change of plans

Unfortunately thebigbadbutch  had to step down, but I'll still be here. During the few days thebigbadbutch and I collaborated, we wanted to change the community a bit.

It's not going to become a hookup free for all, but we wanted to change ontd_lesbians  to become a place to not only post articles of the lesbian persuasion, but also become a place of discussion and hopefully lead to a little bit of a community.

So please, feel free to post anything (relevant to the theme of the community, of course) along the lines of celeb gossip, recent events around the world and in your every day life. :)

If you have any suggestions/comments for revamping this place and/or making it more active. Pleasseeee message or comment me.


new moddingly yours,

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